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Majority of businesses have suffered a data breach

The Facts-

In the last three years, almost two thirds (60 per cent) of businesses have experienced a data breach. This is according to a new global report from Bitdefender, which also adds that those that haven’t been attacked yet – expect to experience such a scenario soon.


Weak Spots-

No organisation is impervious to a data breach, but by understanding how both cyber-security professionals and IT departments view risk, some clear weak spots start to emerge — both on an organisational and individual level. Highlighting areas for improvement can only happen through increasing visibility.

Here are some figures of what businesses think are most likely to cause data breaches-


Are You Protected?

Here at RHP Solutions we utilise the latest technology and working with our trusted security partners we can manage every device on your network and identify and isolate potential threats quickly. This combined with content filtering and email security services will ensure your business data remains safe and secure.

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