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Are you using Office 365 to its full potential?

Since the shift to working remotely the importance of managing your workload has become a priority. With many businesses using Microsoft Office 365 to do this we have put together some information that will help you use Office 365 to its max potential.

Microsoft Teams

Since COVID-19 hit Microsoft Teams has proven to be one of the most effective tools to communicate both internally in the business and externally with clients.

Microsoft Teams

In the image above you will see a template of Microsoft teams, here are just a few of the many things microsoft teams can do:

  • Allocate and manage tasks with email notifications
  • Video calls
  • Instant messaging available on desktop and mobile
  • Have more than one person work on a document at one time
  • Store and share files
  • Manage your own calendar
  • Install hundreds of plugins

Microsoft Sharepoint

Many people don’t understand what Sharepoint is or how to use it. Microsoft sharepoint is a online team sharing utility. With sharepoint you can create a team of people and share updates and files online so that the members of the team can access it anywhere at any time given they have an internet connection.

Here are some benefits of sharepoint:

  • document management and collaboration
  • ease of use
  • customisable
  • use for both internal and external users
  • site consolidation

The whole idea of sharepoint is to have sites, so the main site may be your business name, then as subsites you can create marketing, sales and projects for example. In these sites you are able to collaborate and share files with one another.

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