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Is Your Email At Risk ?

CaptureWhat Are SPF Records?

Sender policy framework (SPF) may sound complicated but its important you have a good understanding of what it is and how it can protect your email identity. Without an SPF record it is possible for anyone in the world to send emails from your email address! This can create many potential risks to your business.

How Do We Stop This?

SPF records are now considered a standard policy. This policy states who can send emails from your domain. If an email is sent from the domain but not authorised by the SPF check it would fail to deliver.

What If You Need Other Companies To Send Emails On Your Behalf?

It is vital that the SPF record includes 3rd party systems to prevent emails from failing the SPF check and consequently, not being delivered.

How Can RHP Solutions Help You?

Securing your business data and keeping it safe is a priority for any business. Your business data has never been more at risk with the constant threat from virus attacks, malware exploits and phishing emails. Utilising the latest technology and working with our trusted security partners we can manage every device on your network and identify and isolate potential threats quickly. This combined with content filtering and email security services will ensure your business data remains safe and secure.

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