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Email Scam Alert – Netflix 1S Plan

Here at RHP Solutions we like to keep you informed if we see an increase in phishing emails or malware activity. Just recently we have seen quite a few phishing emails claiming to be from ‘iStore’. The email states that you, the customer has purchased a ‘Netflix 1S Plan’ at the price of £35.99. Read more below about this email scam:

This is a scam and we strongly advise anyone that receives this email to not click on any of the links and delete the email straight away. If you click on the cancel subscription link it will then take you to a website and ask you to enter your Netflix or iTunes credentials, which will be saved on the attackers server after you have entered them.

There are a few giveaways as to the legitimacy of this email – one being that although Apple tend to put an’i’ in front of many of their products, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod – Apple actually do not have an ‘iStore’ they have an ‘App store’. Also, most people with a Netflix account are fully aware that there is not an available subscription that is £35.99 per month.

Below is an example of what the email might look like:

Netflix Scam


If you are worried or may have already received an email like this and clicked on the links then please get in touch and one of our security experts will be able to help.

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