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Windows 10 Upgrade Deception

Microsoft have made some changes in the last couple of weeks to the behaviour of the Windows 10 upgrade prompt. If you are a Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro user that is not connected to a domain or are running a home version of either of these operating systems then you will probably already be familiar with the constant prompting to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10.

Upgrade Windows 10

If you have just used the red cross to exit out of the GWX pop-up to remove the notification and get on with your work then this has been the correct thing to do up to now. The redesigned GWX pop-up now treats exiting the window as consent for the Windows 10 upgrade. This will now schedule and automatically upgrade your system within the next few days.

Get Windows 10

To cancel the scheduled update you have to click on the “here” link as displayed on the above screenshot and then cancel the scheduled upgrade.

Cancel Windows 10

This will cancel the schedule upgrade until the next time you use the red cross to cancel the GWX pop-up which you think is just removing the upgrade notification. Please do not disable automatic updates on your system to get around this, it will only leave your computer more vulnerable to attackers who exploit security flaws. Instead get in touch with us at RHP Solutions and we can safely and correctly stop the unapproved upgrade and notifications.

We are not against Windows 10 here at RHP Solutions, we use it and like it but have seen a number of issues particularly on older system which arise from the upgrade. Also we don’t believe in being forced to upgrade without consent. So if you have any questions or have already upgraded and want help rolling back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 then please get in touch we are more than happy to help.

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