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What Benefits will Office 2016 bring to your business?

Here RHP Solutions we understand the importance of consistent and reliable software.

Office 2013 was a big step for Microsoft and focussed on storing documents in the cloud, Office 2016 provides a familiar look and feel with no major GUI changes.

The good news is that if you’re already an Office 365 subscriber, you can download Office 2016 for free. A prime example of how using a subscription model such as Office 365 can work really well for businesses – no more throwing away boxed products and regular updates keep the software current.

Key benefits:

Cloud based features
Many of the new features of Office 2016 benefit users who take advantage of the cloud services within their Office 365 subscriptions:
Cloud Attachments
Office 2016 speeds up everyday working with ‘cloud attachments’. This feature uses the cloud to link to the file the user wishes to send (no need to attach in an email) to ensure file size restrictions are no longer a barrier for sending large documents. This saves space in your account, speeds up email delivery and makes it easier to work collaboratively.
Smart Lookup
Office 2016 embraces the cloud seamlessly. The ‘smart look-up’ feature is a new addition that allows the user to search from within Office for documents or tasks using Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. This is context sensitive and makes search time on Office 2016 quicker, improving user experience.
One of the new apps to embrace sharing and cloud-powered documents is ‘Sway’. It is a combination of Word and PowerPoint that enables the user to create a presentation or an interactive webpage – more engaging content in minutes!

Improved Productivity & Functionality

Team collaboration
Microsoft’s favourite Office program ‘Word’ has been developed to improve user experience for businesses with the ‘team collaboration’ feature.This ensures that as a team, you are always connected.
From this, users can now see what part of a document is being edited, allowing users to work on documents at the same time across the entire Office suite, helping to improve business processes to ensure work can be completed in a flexible manner.

Improved help
The help function now takes you to the tools and shows users how to use it, rather than simply highlighting where something is – great for improving user understanding!

Enhanced Communication
‘Clutter’ is an email organisation tool that has been added into Office 2016 to improve business productivity everyday. The clutter box will automatically prioritise email and assign low priority messages in a separate folder from pre-established controls.
Skype for Business
‘Skype for Business’ (formerly recognised as Lync Online) is a new feature of Office 2016. Similar to regular Skype, it allows the user to employ voice or video calls and has an additional add-on feature for group chats. Users are able to create conversations straight out of Office applications, making collaboration easier from within the Office suite.
Office 2016 is available for iPhone, Android, Mac OS X and Windows enabling more cross platform support than ever before!

Has your business made the upgrade to Office 2016?
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