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How Office 365 Protects Your Business

    Office 365 is designed to meet all of your business’ needs, including security and compliance with legal, regulatory and technical standards.Creating policies/rules and enabling services that protect your business while allowing you to meet your organisation’s needs is

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Preparing For Windows 7 End of Life

What Does This Mean? The Windows 7 End of Life date has been announced: January 14, 2020. This means Microsoft will no longer update or support the operating system after that date. Will I Still Be Able To Use Windows 7?

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5 Cloud Mistakes That Could Harm Your Business

Even though migrating your company to the cloud comes with many benefits, without a transition plan and IT experts to help, you could end up making a computing mistake that may drastically effect your business negatively. Top 5 Mistakes To

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Majority of businesses have suffered a data breach

The Facts- In the last three years, almost two thirds (60 per cent) of businesses have experienced a data breach. This is according to a new global report from Bitdefender, which also adds that those that haven’t been attacked yet

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No Disaster Recovery Strategy Works Without Backup

In business, secure and reliable backups should be key. Workstations and servers store large amounts of critical business data. If lost this could be devastating!! Unfortunately far too many businesses still don’t have any form of backup.     Here

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The Rise Again of Locy Ransomware

Over the past few days we have started to notice a larger than normal number of emails containing a link that downloads a .zip attachment with a .js file inside. This is the downloader for the actual payload which then

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Take The Pledge

Celebrate World Backup Day this Friday by taking the Backup Pledge!! Take The Pledge Here at RHP Solutions we believe that you need to make every day backup day. For even more information on how to make every day Backup

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Email Scam Alert – Netflix 1S Plan

Here at RHP Solutions we like to keep you informed if we see an increase in phishing emails or malware activity. Just recently we have seen quite a few phishing emails claiming to be from ‘iStore’. The email states that

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Ransomware The Facts

Ransomware: the facts, figures and features A growing amount of small to medium-sized businesses are falling victim to ransomware, malicious software that holds your computer and its data to ransom. However, not all SMBs are aware of the risks and

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Stress Free Office Move

Here at RHP Solutions we would like to congratulate UK Garden Buildings in moving to their new home in Stafford! All data connections, IT systems and equipment installed all ready on the agreed deadline, oh and a new VoIP phone

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